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XXXX program entertainment production co., LTD. Is a rich experience, diversity and "one-stop" work style entertainment production company, no matter the ducting, occasions, our company can provide a professional and innovative program arrangement, wonderful content, in all

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Singer performing production, audio, 

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Basic knowledge of professional audio

Professional audio equipment including monitor mixer Amplifiers mixer Portable mixers

To the characteristics of light equipment

Floodlight: heaven and earth and the exhaust lamp, feet light, top row floodlight, etc.

Live band

Europe.Beautyprofessional audio  equipment

Stage production

Stage size (from 1 feet tall and 3 feet high),

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Carnival production

Production performance, acoustics, stage

Light and lighting objects material

Material - reflection diffuse light opaque soft hard soft absorption reflection

Lighting model research and basic concept:

Feelings and try to performance based - static character study of lighting lighting four